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Industry leading Wheel Covers.

When you buy from Industrial Wheel Covers, you'll get much more than just a simple wheel cover solution, We are specialists in multiple industries and have the experience and expertise in creating solutions for the most sophisticated of projects. Our covers can be used for industrial, event, construction, infrastructure and other projects in and around the U.K., Whether it is to assist a local tradesman or a large industrial construction project, we are here to help, so don't hesitate to drop us a line through our booking form.
With over 10 years in the powered access and forklift industry we have gathered the majority of wheel sizes for wheeled machinery. At some point of another these machines may require a temporary non marking solution when travelling, the aim is to save you time and get the right product the first time. And if that wasn't enough we also offer Custom sizes. 

Experts in our field

As well as having a huge range of sizes in stock, we also have the expert and dedicated staff to help you from enquiry to delivery. With years of experience under their belts and the know-how gained from the hire industry you can count on our team to deliver a first class service.

The possibility are endless

Our covers can fit anything From scissor lifts to boom lifts, from excavators to dumpers, telehandlers & forklifts; we have all the measurements stored so all you have to do is send us you width and height and we do the rest.

Recycle your Covers.

Not only do we offer a complete non marking solution, we will also recycle your old covers once you have finished, please drop us a line to see how quickly we can take your old covers away.

Price List

Wheel Covers From


All of our products are made to order and to size. 

Where alot of wheels are margionally different we can offer a small adjustment on each cover making the 'socks' universal.

Delivery from


Next day delivery available on qualifing orders, collection is also an option for thoses emergencey requirements. 

Wheel Wraps from


Wheel Wraps , much like wheel covers stop the tyre from marking your floor , made from a 300 micron construction grade poly shrink wrap, which when heat is applied the wrap shrinks to the shape of the tyre and it's tread, it's slightly less hard wearing but this is reflected in the price, heat guns also available. 


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